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Silver Flake

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CAS No.: 7440-22-4

Old SKU#: AgNprtD5u-50g

New SKU#: NPAG0515

1. Preparation Method

Physical grinding Method

2. Physical and Chemical Properties

BET surface area (m2/g) 0.80-1.45
Tap density (g/m3) 2.45-3.55
Total impurity ions (ppm) <150
Size distribution
D50 (µm) < 5.0
D20 (µm) < 2.0

3. Structure Features

SEM of ACS Material Silver Flake

SEM of ACS Material Silver Flake

4. Application Fields

Silver flake is a form of mechanically ground silver and a recent development in nanotechnology known for its high electric conductivity. Research is ongoing to lay out the full advantages of its properties, but typical applications are currently found in fine line printing, polymer thick film inks, low curing temperature silver pastes, conductive coatings and adhesives, electronic slurries and various other applications ranging from general purpose inks and paints to circuitry applications