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ACS Material has made a breakthrough in silver nanowire fabrication, manufacturing scale-up

Nov-13-2011 | ACS MATERIAL LLC

Silver nanowire is聽a Smart, New Alternative to ITO Film. The silver nanowire based films offer higher light transmission, greater flexibility, bendability, durability and cost effectiveness than ITO. Silver nanowire is a novel metal聽material for use in electrically or thermally conductive applications.

Now ACS Material has maken a breakthrough in the silver nanowire fabrication and manufacturing scale-up. ACS Material has a new method to produce high purity silver nanowire, and聽is able to聽offer multi-kilogram quantities of silver nanowires.

Silver nanowires have many uses and applications:

Optical Applications: Solar; Medical imaging; Surface enhanced spectroscopy; Optical limiters

Conductive Applications: High-intensity LEDs, Touch screens, Conductive adhesives, Sensors

Anti-microbial Applications: Air & water purification, Bandages, Films, Food preservation,聽 Clothing

Chemical & Thermal: Catalysts, Pastes, Conductive adhesives, Polymers; Chemical vapor sensors

Products Average Diameter/nm Average Length/渭m Silver Purity (%) Concentration (mg/ml)
Agnws-60 60 20 ~96 20
Agnws-120 120 20 ~96 20
Agnws-200 200 25 ~96 20
Agnws-300 300 30 ~96 20
Agnws-400 400 30 ~96 20

Dispersion: In water, or alcohol

Concentration: The standard concentration is 20mg/ml,聽and we can provide this product聽with a concentration up to 55mg/ml.