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Super-low Initial Expansion Temperature Expandable Graphite

Aug-25-2013 | ACS MATERIAL LLC

ACS Material, LLC is pleased to introduce a new family of Expandable Graphite (EG) products. 聽Expandable Graphite聽has wide application as a fire-retardant additive in plastics, foams, wood products, putties and coatings. Two critical parameters apply to the utility of the product: 聽expansion start temperature (EST) and the ratio of expansion. The EST is determined by measuring the volume of the sample as the ambient temperature is increased.聽 When the volume reaches 1-1/2 times the originalvolume, the EST is determined. 聽In many applications, the lowest possible EST is desirable to prevent the spread of fire.

Through extensive R&D, ACS Material has developed an聽Expandable Graphite聽with a super-low EST of 110掳C. This is the lowest EST available in the commercial market.

ACS Material can also supply a series of expandable graphites with different start expansion temperatures (high up to 300掳C), special surface properties, expansion volumes and expansion strengths.

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