ACS Material--Graphene Slurry in NMP (Oxygen <5wt%)

ACS Material--Graphene Slurry in NMP (Oxygen <5wt%)

Jan-15-2016 | ACS Material, LLC

ACS Material, LLC is pleased to introduce a new product -Graphene Slurry in N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone(NMP) with Oxygen < 5 wt%. This product is thin graphene based NMP slurry with high electrical conductivity. It is non-toxic, non-strange odor, non-corrosive characteristics, chemical stability, and low resistivity. By contrast with the similar products, this product with technical advantages is metal ion free and can be widely applied in battery slurry as conductive agent to improve the high rate charge-discharge capacity. Various types of battery electrode materials conductive additives, such as lithium ion battery, nickel hydrogen battery, alkaline (manganese dioxide) battery cathode or anode material conductive agent.

ACS can customize this product based on your needs. Please check this webpageor contact usfor more information:

1. Preparation Method

Electrochemical Cleavage

2. Characterizations

BET surface area (m2/g)


Conductivity (S/m)



1-5 atomic layer graphene nanosheets

Lateral size (µm)


Oxygen (wt%)



SEM Image of ACS Material Graphene Slurry in NMP