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Graphene on Ultra-flat Thermal SiO2 Substrate

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CAS No.: 7782-42-5
ACS Graphene on Ultra-Flat SiO2 Substrate is made by Trivial Transfer Graphene.
1. Four thicknesses of CVD graphene:
Available in either 1, 2, 3-5 or 6-8 layers
2. Substrate: 
The Ultra-flat Thermal SiO2 Substrate consists of a 200nm thermally grown SiO2 film on an ultra-flat silicon wafer with a normal thickness of 675 µm. The size is 5mm x 5mm.
3. Graphene coverage of the ultra-flat silicon is > 75%
Type Thickness of the Graphene Transparency Support Film
1 Layer  ~0.35nm  ~96.4% Ultra-flat Silicon
2 Layers  ~0.7nm  ~92.7% Ultra-flat Silicon
3-5 Layers  1.0-1.7nm  ~85.8-90.4% Ultra-flat Silicon
6-8 Layers  2.1-2.8nm  ~78.5-83.2% Ultra-flat Silicon
Left: SAED  Right: FFT of HR-TEM Image
HR-TEM image


1. Can the Graphene Oxide on Ultra-flat Thermal SiO2 Substrate used for AFM studies? 

Yes, our Ultra-flat Graphene and Graphene Oxide products were designed for AFM studies and we have many customers using them for such applications.