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Graphene on Lacey Carbon 300 Mesh Copper TEM Grids

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CAS No.: 7782-42-5

ACS Graphene TEM Support Films are supported by a lacey carbon film on a 300mesh copper TEM grid and made by Trivial Transfer Graphene.
1. Four thicknesses of CVD graphene:
Available in either 1, 2, 3-5 or 6-8 layers 
2. TEM Substrate: 
Lacey carbon support film on 300 mesh copper TEM grid (Grid Hole Size: 63µm)
3. Graphene coverage of the TEM grid is better than 75%. (The graphene coverage is typically >75% of the whole 3.05mm diameter TEM grid.)

The graphene film appears as a near-transparent to light-grey film on the surface of the Lacey Carbon mesh on a red-brown colored copper TEM grid.

Type Thickness of Graphene Transparency of Graphene TEM Grid/AFM Substrate Support Film
1 Layer  ~0.35nm  ~96.4% 300 Mesh Copper Grid Lacey Carbon
2 Layers  ~0.7nm  ~92.7% 300 Mesh Copper Grid Lacey Carbon
3-5 Layers  1.0-1.7nm  ~85.8-90.4% 300 Mesh Copper Grid Lacey Carbon
6-8 Layers  2.1-2.8nm  ~78.5-83.2% 300 Mesh Copper Grid Lacey Carbon
Low magnification TEM image of single-layer graphene on lacey carbon film
Typical grain size is in the region of 2 to 3 µm
TEM Image of Single-Layer Graphene on Lacey Carbon Film
Left: SAED  Right: FFT of HR-TEM Image
HR-TEM image