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Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Paper

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SWNT Paper

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CAS-No.: 308068-56-6 

1. Physical and Chemical Properties


Single-walled Carbon Nanotube Paper


13 cm


10-20 μm

Metal content:

< 0.5%


60-120 MPa


1000-2000 S/cm

2. Characterizations

 SEM Image of ACS Material Single-walled Carbon Nanotube Paper

Fig.1 SEM Image of ACS Material Single-walled Carbon Nanotube Paper

 3. Application Fields

Single-walled carbon nanotube paper, is of high flexibility, can withstand repeated bending, and matrix resin was added in the process of fabrication.

1. Brakes

2. Electromagnetic shielding

3. Anti-electrostatic material

4. Sensor

5. Supercapacitor

6. Electrode

7. Fuel cell

8. Field emission display

9. Heat dissipation

10. Polymer composite

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