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Black Phosphorus Crystal

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CAS No.: 7723-14-0

1. Preparation Method

Chemical vapor deposition method

2. Characterizations


Black phosphorus


Sheet-like particle structure with metal-like luster

Particle Size:

Width: several mm; Length: 1 cm


Vacuum silica tube (8 cm)

Image (1) of ACS Material Black Phosphorus 

SEM Image (2) of ACS Material Black Phosphorus

EDX pattern of square area Image (3) of ACS Black Phosphorus in the above SEM image

XRD pattern Image (4) of ACS Black Phosphorus

Raman spectrum Image (5) of ACS Black Phosphorus

Single crystal X-ray diffraction result image (6) of ACS Black Phosphorus 

3. Application Fields

Compared with other allotropes of phosphorus (white and red phosphorus)‚ black phosphorus is a thermodynamic stable semiconductors with high charge-carrier mobility. And it is a promising material that can be widely used in field-effect transistors‚ optoelectronic device and so on.

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